The High Country’s Secret Swimming Holes and Waterfalls

The High Countrys Secret Swimming Holes and Waterfalls

On a hot summer day, nothing beats taking a refreshing swim in an outdoor natural pool to unwind and cool off. Many hiking trails in The High Country feature beautiful swimming holes to help you experience stunning landscapes while cooling off in its refreshing waters.

Swimming holes are an absolute must on your next visit to The High Country! From nearby ones within walking distance to more remote ones requiring an enjoyable hike – each swimming hole deserves your consideration during your journey through The High Country!

1. Hunt Fish Falls

Hunt Fish Falls offers something for every visitor to capture beautiful views with their camera lens, relax with a good book in peaceful ambiance or experience nature’s majestic majesty – no matter your interests. Hunt Fish Falls boasts natural wonders sure to leave an indelible mark that will remain with them throughout their lives.

This stunning swimming hole, situated within a rocky gorge in Nantahala National Forest, boasts breathtakingly sheer canyon walls with twin waterfalls that appear as though they had come straight out of America’s Southwest! Soak in its refreshing pool and let its mysterious beauty move your spirit.

Though not as high or impressive as others in the area, this two-tiered waterfall makes up for its lack of height with an incredible setting. The waterfall cascades into a large rocky pool that makes a wonderful spot for sunning and swimming; on hot summer days this spot becomes quite popular among visitors who come here to take in its crystal clear water and spectacular surroundings.

As you explore this beautiful spot, keep your eyes peeled for black bears, white-tailed deer, and wild turkeys as you travel its trails.

Hunt Fish Falls provides an ideal setting for an array of outdoor adventure activities, ranging from rock climbing and rappelling to mountain biking and zip lining – offering something to satisfy every thrill seeker at this captivating attraction.

To reach Hunt Fish Falls, start your trek by heading east on the Blue Ridge Parkway until Old Jonas Road and heading south for approximately two miles until reaching Hunt Fish Falls’ parking lot. Here, the trail starts descending moderately into a lush hanging valley filled with rhododendron-filled hanging valley, passing a stream and following Lost Cove Creek until reaching Hunt Fish Falls – then joins up with Gragg Prong Trail near its lower falls (for more info see our entry on Gragg Prong for more info) making for an all-encompassing journey lasting one to two hours suitable for all abilities of hikers alike!

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2. Staton Creek Falls

There’s no secret that mountains can get hot during the summertime, and one great way to beat the heat is spending time by or near waterfalls. Listening to cascading water, feeling cool mountain air on your skin, and viewing their natural beauty makes for an unforgettable experience – and there are plenty of waterfalls nearby – including some with easy access.

One such waterfall is Staton Creek Falls. Conveniently located right off a roadway, this stunning natural wonder makes a lovely stop during a scenic drive or hike in the area. Additionally, as it’s less well-known than some nearby falls, Staton Creek can allow visitors to enjoy its swimming hole without crowds that might accompany more popular tourist spots.

This beautiful waterfall features several cascades that cascade down to form one large pool, offering great opportunities for splashing around and diving for treasure. While two of them are great for splashing about, another serves more as a deep hot tub that you can swim in (although be cautious as the water temperature may be chilly), while also housing aquatic life like crayfish or other creatures found along creek beds.

Experience this magnificent waterfall at its full potential by going barefoot! The rocks that the water cascades over have an unusual texture, and are much easier to walk on when wearing only your feet – plus, its cool water feels incredible against bare skin!

This waterfall is an excellent spot for families with kids, being highly family-oriented. Swimming here provides exercise while taking in nature! If swimming doesn’t float your boat, there are still many things to do nearby such as exploring an old iron forge site or admiring breathtaking mountain vistas.

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3. Shoebox Falls

Shoebox Falls stands out among a region full of impressive waterfalls by being one not-to-be missed. Situated along Waterfalls Road near Blowing Rock, Shoebox Falls makes an unforgettable impression. Not easily visible from the road itself, you can cross over onto its northern side bridge and gain access to walk along its creek before getting an up close view of this breathtaking falls and its swimming hole.

The pool itself is quite expansive, providing many areas for swimming around in its clean mountain water. While the water may appear clean, you must still be wary of some slippery rocks in the area as well as any potential cliff jumps if desired. One great aspect of the swimming hole is that there are no other access points into its depths.

If you are in search of a fun place to spend the day, this spot should definitely top your list. Easy to locate but parking may prove challenging due to narrow-shouldered roads and 55 mph speed limits; once found though, this swimming hole offers excellent opportunities for recreation with its waterfall itself as an attraction, as well as many other fun things you can do nearby.

At this great swimming hole, there’s plenty to keep everyone occupied for an exciting and relaxing day of fun and adventure. Your children will love jumping off cliffs into the deep water below while there are numerous flat rocks perfect for picnicking and sunbathing.

No better way to cool off during a summer heatwave in the High Country than jumping into one of its mountain pools or waterfalls! Swimming holes and waterfalls abound throughout this region, as do cliff-jumping opportunities; just remember cliff jumping can be dangerous, with multiple deaths in recent years in this region alone; be smart and play it safe when jumping from top of waterfalls.

4. Boone Fork Trail

Boone Fork Trail offers this popular hiking destination with swimming cascades and pools among hefty boulders, well-crafted stairways and ladders that blend into the landscape, and sections which may prove difficult for young children or dogs. Climbing on rocks carefully while entering water requires care to prevent injury.

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The trail offers breathtaking scenery and plenty of opportunities to stop and take it all in, especially at Hebron Falls which makes an excellent photo op. Additionally, many wildflowers bloom only during fall – making for a colorful walk!

It’s an ideal hike for kids and the entire family, featuring less vertical climbs than many of The High Country’s waterfall hikes, as well as lots of stops along the way to play in cool waters and explore mossy rock outcrops.

Start this hike from either Price Lake Picnic Area, or from its trailhead at the end of a road in the park. I recommend starting from either, although for convenience on weekends it would likely be best to start from its trailhead as parking may become a challenge in Price Lake. Once on trail, this walk takes a short distance beyond Picnic Area before crossing over Creek via footbridge and continuing on its journey back toward Picnic Area.

Once across the bridge, you will enter a wooded area full of Goldenrod that should bloom by September. As you ascend along Boone Fork trail you will come upon waterfalls and rocky terrain that requires careful traversing as you head downstream. Furthermore, this trail crosses over a clear stream which serves to lower temperature by several degrees, as well as several small moss-covered waterfalls along its route.

At mile 3.5 you will reach a connector trail that intersects with the Boone Fork Trail near an amphitheater in the park. I recommend hiking clockwise towards your campground as this provides some of the most rewarding hiking.

As you complete the loop past the amphitheater, a small side trail will lead you directly to Hebron Falls – one of four waterfalls along this hike that are easily accessible from main trails. Hebron Falls can be reached in just minutes from main trail!