High Country’s Skydiving Thrills

Skydiving remains an immensely popular activity despite its risks; nearly 3.57 million jumps were completed within the United States alone! Yet the deaths of 28 people at this drop zone raise serious concerns. How can

High Country’s Family Farm Experiences

Hop aboard the TSS Earnslaw to experience Walter Peak High Country Farm! Its farm tour is super family friendly, and kids will have fun meeting all the animals! Wheelchair users will find it challenging to

The High Country Offers Endless Summer Fun

From exhilarating whitewater rafting adventures to relaxing walks and picnics by lakes, waterfalls, and streams – The High Country offers endless summer outdoor activities! Adopt a more local lifestyle and support the local community at

High Country’s Goldfields Heritage

The 1860s gold rush brought dramatic transformation to the High Country environment. Staking mining claims and building flumes, cabins, sluices and railroads significantly eroded mountainside hillsides while dislodging sediment that blocked streams and formed pools

High Country Waterfall Close-Ups Revealed

Waterfalls are some of nature’s most tranquil yet exhilarating creations, providing us with cool relief while adding magic to our hikes. The High Country boasts some of the world’s most breathtaking waterfalls. Get to know

The Best Picnic Spots in the High Country

Pack a picnic and experience nature at its best. From expansive meadows to breathtaking cliffside overlooks, these scenic places make perfect spots for enjoying one of the High Country’s stunning vistas while eating your lunch