Autumnal Alpine Wildlife Photography

The autumnal equinox marks the start of fall across the Northern Hemisphere, marking harvest season, migrations and preparations for winter. David is an expert on the Swiss and French Alps, having led multiple photo tours

The Best Mountain Retreats for Your Group

Bogong Village in Victoria’s High Country consists of simple wooden huts. Cobwebs linger, but Melbourne-based property company Grollo Group plans to give this neglected locale new life. Plans call for the transformation of this area

Restoring and Preserving Historic Sites in the High Country

Preservation projects often depend on individuals with strong personal commitment. Local historic preservation boards or associations can offer assistance from members who specialize in meeting project requirements. The National Park Service oversees several grant programs

Celebrating Spring Festivals in the High Country

As spring temperatures warm and mountain trails reopen, locals and visitors alike are enjoying all that makes the High Country unique. Hiking to waterfalls, sampling local cuisine or learning about folk art culture – there

Alpine Hike – Mount Bogong to Mount Feathertop

Mount Bogong to Mount Feathertop is an exciting hike, offering multiple paths. The Razorback trail from Falls Creek provides the shortest journey, though other trails lead directly to its summit via Staircase Spur and Eskdale.

Quaint Exteriors of High Country

High Country’s attractions may revolve around its picturesque natural features, but its small towns are equally stunning. From historic walking streets to cozy cottages and more, there’s much to love about these gorgeous areas. Be

Indigenous Art and Its Significance in the High Country

Indigenous art transcends Western art’s limited purposes by serving spiritual, practical, and communal functions. They represent a holistic understanding of life where art, spirituality and existence co-exist harmoniously. Bard College in Annandale-on-Hudson, New York is

High Country’s Year in Photos

Seasonal patterns impact every aspect of our daily lives and nature. From wildlife behavior to human recreation, seasons impact how we use both static and mobile resources. Seasons occur when Earth’s axis tilts closer or