High Country’s Birds of Prey

Falcons and owls connect with humans on an emotional, psychological, and spiritual level in profound ways that are both emotional and spiritual in nature. Furthermore, these birds play an integral part in American Indian culture

High Country’s Roadside Attractions

Roadside attractions add charm and imagination to vacation photos. From giant dinosaurs to massive cooking utensils, roadside attractions provide unique stops that enrich your drive while breaking up long road journeys. Lucy the Elephant stands

Mount Buffalo Gorge – A Natural Wonderland

Nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers will delight in this all-season national park offering mountain hikes, alpine lakes, and exhilarating rock climbing adventures – it truly offers something for every outdoor adventure enthusiast! Free entry and

High Country Kayaking and Canoeing Gear

Kayaking and canoeing gear is constantly being updated. What you buy today may no longer be suitable in 12-18 months time. Boone Area kayaking adventures range from leisurely lake tours to whitewater rapids – High