A Travellers Guide to Mount Feathertop Victoria

travellers guide to mount feathertop victoria

Mount Feathertop is one of Victoria’s most popular alpine destinations, and with good reason: a summit walk along the Razorback Ridge to the peak and back is a challenging day trek that rewards hardy hikers.

Unlike most Victorian mountains, Mount Feathertop has steep summit slopes instead of a rounded summit dome. It rises to 1,922 metres, and is usually covered in snow from June to September.


Mount Feathertop is one of Victoria’s most iconic mountains and is a great destination for both mountaineers and extreme skiers. With steep approaches and epic descents, it’s the perfect challenge for both seasoned and new alpinists.

The weather on mount feathertop victoria can be a little unpredictable, but generally speaking it is usually dry and sunny. The peak can be accessed from many routes, including the Razorback ridge or the Bungalow Spur track.

Despite the fact that mount feathertop is not the highest peak in victoria, it has a unique look and a spectacular view to offer hikers. This is especially the case if you go for a hike on the Razorback, or a loop through the Bungalow Spur.

We recently visited the summit of mount feathertop via the razorback and it was a stunning walk. The ridge is gorgeous and has lots of wildflowers growing along it.

There were hundreds of different flowers that dotted the grassland. Some were bright pink trigger plants, while others were purple and some were large white snow daisies (Celmisia).

Another beautiful aspect about this walk is that it has a lot of openness. The ridge has snow gum woodlands on the lower part of it and the upper slopes are covered in open grassland.

It also has plenty of alpine flowers that bloom in spring. These flowers include alpine lily, Billy Buttons, and the alpine daisies.

The ridge is also lined with trees like pines and cedars, but the main feature on the ridge is the snow gums that grow at a high altitude. These are a type of eucalyptus that can tolerate temperatures as low as 6degC.

In winter the ridge is a popular ski spot and the weather can be a bit unpredictable. Cloud can be clinging to the mountain at times and the temperature can drop significantly, making it very cold at night.

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The weather forecast on mount feathertop victoria shows that today is going to be a fine day, with a moderate chance of showers, most likely in the morning and afternoon. The wind is likely to be blowing from the north-east.


Taking up the crown as Victoria’s second highest peak, Mount Feathertop is a must-visit for any hiker or skier. With a plethora of ridge walks to choose from, climbers and extreme skiers can enjoy the thrills of mountaineering in winter or the fresh air of alpine summer hiking.

For hikers, a 4.5-hour drive from Melbourne will see you arrive at Harrietville and MUMC Hut in time to tackle the climb. This is a challenging trek that will test your endurance and fitness levels while providing a rewarding view of the surrounds.

The route is steep in places but if you have the skills and experience required, it’s worth it. The North West Spur starts near Stony Creek and is a challenging 7.5-kilometre (4.7 mi) climb that finishes at Federation Hut.

Once at the hut you have the option to head out on a longer trip or just relax and take in the views. For shorter trips, there are a number of family-friendly trails to choose from including Picture Point and Tobias Gap or Carmichael Falls for breathtaking views over the Ovens Valley.

A broader trail is the Razorback Track, which follows a ridgeline between Mount Hotham and Feathertop. It’s a scenic route that offers stunning views and a chance to explore a diverse range of plants, flowers and wildlife.

It’s also home to a number of wildflower meadows that are carpeted in colour in spring and summer. In one area a large patch of snow gum eucalyptus pauciflora (one of the most cold-tolerant eucalyptus species in Australia) grows among a variety of alpine daisies, trigger plants and white leek orchids.

In winter, the ridge can be dangerous due to snow cornices that form along it. The collapse of these icy surfaces has claimed the lives of many people, so it’s important to be aware of these hazards and to take the necessary precautions.

A challenging climb that requires good hiking and mountaineering skills, the Razorback Track is a fantastic day out for those who want to explore some of the best that the Victorian Alps have to offer. It’s a must-visit for climbers and skiers of all abilities and is the best way to see some of the most beautiful scenery in Australia.

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Whether you’re camping in a tent or staying in one of the mountain huts, there’s something for everyone on mount feathertop victoria. You can savour a sunset on the summit of the Australian Alps or head out in a dawn hot air balloon for spectacular views over the mountains and valleys.

Located in the alpine town of Hotham, Victoria, mount feathertop is an ideal base to climb and explore the surrounding region. The mountain is the second highest peak in Victoria and is home to some of Australia’s most iconic alpine walking trails, including the Razorback Track.

The Razorback Trail is an iconic hike linking the popular Mount Hotham Alpine Resort with the summit of Mt Feathertop via an exposed ridgeline. The route can be a challenge, but with great 360 degree views of the Victorian Alps it’s worth the effort.

Start from Diamantina Hut, near Hotham, and head up the Razorback Trail. This 22km, 7-8 hour hike is a Grade 4 walk that combines gentle and steep terrain with breathtaking mountain views. The best times to visit are summer to April, but be prepared – it can snow in the high country year round!

A day hike or overnight stay is a popular option, especially for kids. The ridge is not too steep or long, but there are some sections that require careful walking to avoid injury.

After the rocky bluffs of Twin Knobs, the path contours beneath the crest and hugs the western side of the ridge to Federation Hut, where a wood fire and water tank can be found. You can also visit MUMC (Melbourne University Mountaineering Club) Hut for a shorter, more direct hike to the summit or to escape the crowds at Federation.

If you’re a keen photographer, the Razorback offers plenty of opportunities to snap some amazing landscape shots, especially around Twin Knobs and the eastern flank of Mount Feathertop. The area can also be stunning for sunset photos as the setting sun lights up the surrounding ranges and is a favourite spot for photographers of all skill levels.

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Mount Feathertop is Victoria’s second highest mountain and is a member of the Australian Alps located entirely within the Alpine National Park. It rises to and is usually covered in snow from June to September.

There are two main access routes to the summit of Mount Feathertop. One is via the Razorback Ridge from Mt Hotham, and the other is through the Bungalow Spur Track from Harrietville.

The ridgeline is quite high and steep, which makes the climb challenging for first timers and those with limited fitness. It can also be very muddy.

On the other hand, experienced hikers can easily navigate and enjoy this route. It has many different terrain types including snow gum woodland, open snow grass areas, low scrubs and rocky bluffs.

In addition, there are some great views along the way as you walk to the summit of mount feathertop. You can see the surrounding mountains such as Mt Hotham, Mt Buller and Bright.

As a walking holiday destination, Mount Feathertop is ideal for families, couples or anyone who likes to get away from it all and explore the alpine environment. There are a number of accommodation options to choose from, depending on your needs.

For those who want to stay somewhere cosy, there are a few lodges available around mount feathertop victoria. Several of the lodges have a restaurant and bar so you can relax after a long day on the mountain.

Another option is to stay at a cabin or house. There are 124 holiday rentals near mount feathertop victoria to choose from, and they offer a variety of amenities to make your stay more comfortable.

The best part about this type of accommodation is that you can find something to suit every budget and group size. If you’re travelling with a big family, then a cabin or house is the perfect choice for you.

On the other hand, if you’re a couple looking for something a little more special, then there are some fantastic hotels to choose from. There are several in the town of Harrietville, which is a short drive from Mount Feathertop, and they all have stunning views over the valleys below.