Celebrating High Country Music and Dance

Music and dance have often been interwoven in traditional cultures; one feeding into the other. Music can energize dancers, while dancers feed off of musicians. John Lomax and Ruby embarked upon a tour through Southern

High Country’s Bushranger Legends

Recent years, Old Geelong Gaol has hosted presentations about Victorian bushrangers. These have included screenings from films that have since been lost (both versions of The Story of the Kelly Gang from 1906 and 1910,

High Country’s Cemetery Tour – Stories of the Past

Cemetery tours can be both beautiful and eerie experiences, particularly at night. With proper planning and safety precautions in place, cemetery tours can become unforgettable experiences for families. Noble offers extensive academic knowledge and captivating

Nordic Skiing – Glide Through Winter

Nordic skiing presents a lower barrier of entry than its downhill cousin and can be enjoyed across flats, rolling terrain and hills. Furthermore, this peaceful sport allows participants to connect with nature at its most