A Travellers Guide to Mount Buffalo, Victoria

travellers guide to mount buffalo victoria

If you are planning a holiday to Mount Buffalo, Victoria, then you will need to know what to expect. There are many different things you can do while you are there. Some of them include cross-country skiing, abseiling, and even glamping. You will also want to know about some of the local animals you can see in the area, such as the Pygmy-possum.

glamping holiday rental options in Porepunkah

If you are searching for glamping holiday rental options in Porepunkah, Victoria, you will find that you are spoilt for choice. The town has a number of quaint and cute cottages, including one that is pet friendly. You can also stay at the Big 4 Porepunkah Holiday Park, which has several amenities.

While you are in the area, be sure to visit Discovery Parks – Mount Buffalo, located in the Victorian Alps. This is an ideal family holiday destination. It is the starting point for the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail, which stretches 100km.

Another option is the Midtsommer Vacation Rental, which is located five kilometres southeast of Porepunkah. This fully equipped property is perfect for groups of 13 or more. It has a large bathroom, a kitchen, and a spacious garden.

Porepunkah is a small, picturesque town that is located near Mount Buffalo National Park. The area is popular for cross-country skiing, hiking, and snowman making. Also, the town is home to the High Country Brewery Trail. There are a number of wineries, including Ringer Reef, in the area.

In addition, you can take a stroll along the Ovens River, which flows through the town. There are several restaurants, shops, and a few places to go for entertainment. As well as its many tourist attractions, the city has an olive oil producer and a chestnut farm.

Porepunkah is also home to the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail. You can take a three-day journey on the trail, which takes you through Myrtleford, Bright, and Beechworth.

The area is also known for its music. When you are in the mood for a romantic getaway, you can head to Inverloch Glamping. They offer glamorous glamping setups, including beach cabins, beach tents, and even a luxurious private outdoor copper shower.

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Cross-country skiing

Mt Buffalo has one of the most accessible cross-country ski areas in Australia. With a height of 1723 metres and over 550 native species, it is a great place to get outdoors. There are two separate areas on the mountain.

The Cresta Valley and Dingo Dell offer a variety of trails. Those interested in a more adventurous cross country skiing experience can venture off-track to explore the backcountry. At the Mt Buffalo Ski Area, a network of 10km of marked and 20km of unmarked trails offers plenty of opportunities.

A short drive from Porepunkah, Mount Buffalo is a popular family destination. Visitors can enjoy a range of activities, including tobogganing, caving, cycling, rock climbing and photography.

The Mt Buffalo Ski School provides lessons and local tours, and offers skills training and half day or full day ski tours. To find out more, visit the Mount Buffalo Ski School Facebook page.

Mount Buffalo has two main areas. One is the National Park. It features dramatic rock formations, imposing granite tors and tumbling waterfalls. Another area is the Buffalo Plateau. This offers panoramic views and endless possibilities for stopping and enjoying the natural environment.

Mount Buffalo is also a hang gliding and mountaineering site. In addition, there are a variety of easy bushwalks.

During the snow season, you may need to carry wheel chains. You can rent skis and jackets from the FCXC.

The Buffalo Plateau drive takes approximately 30 minutes from the entrance of the National Park. You can explore changing landscapes and stunning roadside views.

The Giants Playground is a 4km ungroomed trail that leads through Valley of the Gods. You can also follow the Bogong Plain loop to the Giants Playground and back.


If you are looking to test your adventurous spirit and have an adrenaline rush, then abseiling in Mount Buffalo is the perfect activity. Abseiling is the process of climbing down a rock wall while hanging suspended by a rope. It requires a certain amount of skill and is a good challenge for children and adults alike.

There are a number of abseiling sites available in Mount Buffalo. These include the gorge, South and North walls, and Chalwell Galleries. Each site is designed with different levels of fitness and experience in mind.

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Beginners can take a guided abseiling tour that is designed to teach them the basics. This experience is conducted by professional guides and offers a spectacular view of the alpine environment. The tour also includes a safety demonstration.

For those who have a little more skill, a full day of abseiling can be arranged. The first abseil is around 10 metres high. Next, there is a 45 metre free fall abseil. Afterwards, a face-on abseil is more challenging.

Abseiling in Mount Buffalo Victoria is a fun way to spend a day. Children and beginners will love the experience and get a new perspective on the mountain.

There are a number of companies that offer abseiling tours. For example, Adventure Guides Australia offers a half-day abseiling adventure on Mount Buffalo. They are located near the Gorge Precinct Visitors Car Park.

Mount Buffalo abseiling tours are conducted by experienced Parks Victoria licensed guides. The guides will teach you the correct technique and ensure you have the best safety equipment.

Mount Buffalo is a popular destination for visitors. Many of the activities in the park are available year round. During winter, visitors can enjoy cross-country skiing. In the summer months, you can take a hike or canoe on Lake Catani.

Lady Bath Falls

If you are planning a holiday to Victoria, then you should definitely visit Lady Bath Falls. The waterfall is located in the High Country and offers a stunning view of the valley below. It has a natural pool that is perfect for swimming or paddling in during warm days.

Ladies Bath Falls is a popular spot for people to take a dip, but the area is also ideal for picnicking. Visitors can enjoy a scenic walk on the trail that leads to the falls. There are many trails to choose from, but the shortest route is a short 400-metre walk that takes you through the forest.

The trail to Lady Bath Falls is a well-constructed one. This path connects with the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail. You can easily reach the falls from Bright.

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In the early 20th century, travellers stopped at Ladies Bath Falls to cool off. They would separate into men and women. During the 1930s, the falls became popular with tourists. Today, there is an accessible viewing platform.

The falls are free to explore. However, it is not recommended that you visit during the summer months. The rocks are slippery, so it can be dangerous.

If you are looking for a more relaxing day, you may like to try the Gorge Heritage Walk. This 2.5km walking trail offers good vantage points for seeing the falls.

Mount Buffalo is a popular destination in Victoria. The park covers 31,000 hectares of beautiful alpine scenery. It is ideal for nature lovers, cross country skiers and those interested in outdoor activities. As well as being home to a range of native wildlife, the park also features several climbing areas.


The best place to see this nocturnal rodent in the wild is in a small number of alpine resorts on the outskirts of Melbourne, Australia. As part of a large-scale reforestation program, the Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) has been incentivizing local alpine management teams to do their bit. With the assistance of Parks Victoria, the program is working its way through the Victorian alpine zone.

While you are there, make sure to visit the alpine museum. You’ll be treated to a small but evocative collection of artifacts spanning over a century of human history, including a trove of specimens from the pre-historic era. This is a special place where you can catch a glimpse of the old and the new, and experience a more rustic side of life.

A short drive away is the Mount Buffalo, the crown jewel of Victoria’s alpine region. Located at an altitude of 900m, the mountain is a prime example of what Australia’s mountains are meant to be. For the uninitiated, the climb to the summit is akin to a trip to the moon, but if you’re on a budget or a tight schedule, you’ll be better off taking the gondola up the hill.