Visiting the Ghost Town of Walhalla in Victoria

travelling the ghost town of walhalla victoria

Visiting the ghost town of Walhalla in Victoria, Australia is a unique experience. It is located in a beautiful country setting, which makes it perfect for a weekend trip or an extended holiday. There are many things to see and do during your stay, including A guided tour of the Long Tunnel Extended Gold Mine, and visiting Baw Baw National Park.

Places to visit

During the Gold Rush era, Walhalla was one of the richest towns in Australia. The population rose from a few hundred to a peak of around three thousand. When the mines closed down in 1914, most of the population left. Walhalla is now a small town with only around 20 full-time residents.

Walhalla is surrounded by mountains, which give it a remote feel. The town is a popular base for bushwalking, fishing and four wheel driving. The centre has a number of heritage buildings. There are also a number of sheltered picnic areas along the main road.

Walhalla has two pubs, one wood fired pizza restaurant, a general store and cafe. Walhalla is an ideal stop on a road trip from Melbourne to Sydney.

The Star Hotel is the town’s centrepiece and is a great place to stay. There is also a camping ground at the northern end of the township. This is a free camping ground, but it can be closed by storms. There is also a pet-friendly holiday cottage nearby, called Creek Cottage. It has two bedrooms, a fully fenced yard and an additional charge.

Walhalla is also home to a ghost tour. This tour is run by the Walhalla Heritage & Development League. It features some strange stories and is held in the historic township.

Walhalla is one of the best places in Victoria to see autumn colours. There is a walking track, a tramline walkway, an historic fire station and a cemetery. It is also part of the Australian Alps Walking Track.

Walhalla has a heritage district with original heritage buildings. There is also a local history museum and a corner store. There are also sheltered picnic areas near the train station.

The Walhalla Goldfields Railway runs scenic rides and open fires. Walhalla was the last town in Australia to connect to the electricity grid in 1998. Walhalla is now a sleepy mountain township. It has less than 20 full-time residents.

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Walhalla has a number of other attractions, including the Old Mountain Brass Band Rotunda. This is a landmark and is also a museum. There is a small playground nearby.

Accommodation options

Located at the foot of the Victorian Alps, Walhalla is a picturesque town that offers year round attractions to its visitors. The town centre features several types of accommodation, from hotels and motels to campsites. If you are planning on travelling to Walhalla, you should book in advance.

The town has a number of attractions, including a museum, gift shop, corner store, and a pub. You can also take a walking tour of the town, which includes the old fire station, local post office, Mountaineer Brass Band Rotunda, and a hillside cemetery with vertical graves.

Another tourist-friendly activity is visiting the Walhalla Goldfields Railway. The train is a restored steam train that offers scenic rides through the town. Located at the northern end of the town, it is free to ride, but a small fee is required for camping.

Getting to Walhalla is easy. A taxi costs $100 one way, or you can take the V/Line train to Moe. The train station is located just outside of Walhalla, and you can then walk to the town centre. The railway runs three days a week, and is a highlight of a weekend trip to Walhalla.

The Gold Rush of 1862 was a frenzied period when prospectors discovered gold in the mountains around Walhalla. At the time, the area was one of the richest gold mining regions in Australia. It had a population of over three thousand people, and was the most prosperous town in the state. It was also home to several churches, schools, and stores.

Walhalla has many other attractions, including a ghost tour. This is a great way to learn more about the town’s history. The tour operates in the town cemetery, and offers ghostly tales of the town’s past. The tour is a good option for large groups, as it can be customised. It includes a visit to the Walhalla Cemetry, where the town’s infamous cursed grave is located.

There are also several other attractions in Walhalla, including the Long Tunnel Extended Gold Mine. The mine, which operated between 1865 and 1914, was the largest gold reef in Australia.

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A guided tour of the Long Tunnel Extended Gold Mine

Located in the mountainous valley of Walhalla, a guided tour of the Long Tunnel Extended Gold Mine is a great way to experience the town’s history. The gold mine is located deep underground and offers visitors the opportunity to see how gold was extracted over the years. The mine is wheelchair-friendly and operates three times a day. It requires appropriate footwear to enter. During the boom years, investors poured money into the mine. It was the world’s richest gold mine.

The mine operated for 50 years. It produced 30 tons of gold between 1865 and 1914. However, it was unprofitable because the gold was too low in quartz.

Walhalla was built around the gold rush. The town was once a bustling hub of the gold rush, with thousands of people living in the area. By 1880, the population grew to about 4,500.

The town’s growth continued. A number of buildings were destroyed by fire in the late 1800s. These included the Star Hotel and the Mechanics Institute. The St Patricks Catholic Church was also destroyed.

Walhalla is now a small community with less than twenty full-time residents. It is a great place to visit if you want to learn about the gold rush. However, it is isolated. You’ll need to drive to Walhalla and it’s well worth staying overnight.

Walhalla is a great place to visit if your traveling between Melbourne and Sydney. It is a beautiful town that is surrounded by mountains. It has plenty of historical buildings to see and it is also a beautiful place to stay. The town’s economy is driven by tourism, but it has also suffered the effects of fires and floods.

The town is located in the rural region of Victoria. Originally called Stringer’s Creek, it was changed to Walhalla in 1872. The area was home to Kurnai Aboriginal people before Europeans arrived. In the 1850s, prospectors began to move east of Melbourne into the Great Dividing Range.

The town’s history is closely related to the history of gold in Victoria. Gold mining companies laid tram tracks into the bush to carry timber and mining materials.

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Visiting Baw Baw National Park from Walhalla

Visiting Baw Baw National Park from Walhalla Victoria is a great day out for anyone who wants to go bushwalking, fishing, or even skiing. If you’re travelling in winter, you’ll need to wear proper snowgear and be sure to check the weather forecast. If you’re travelling in the summer months, you’ll be able to explore some of the region’s wildflowers.

Mount Baw Baw is a popular winter ski resort, and there’s plenty of snow for those who enjoy the sport. There are several chairlifts on the mountain. The Summit Walk takes visitors to the top, where there are great views of the West Gippip.

If you’re planning to visit Baw Baw National Park from Walhalla, you’ll find a wide range of hiking trails, Indigenous cultural sites, and river rafting. The Park is particularly pretty in spring.

The National Park is also home to the Australian Alps Walking Track, which begins at Walhalla. The trail goes through the alpine plains, through Mushroom Rocks, and through fern groves and timber heritage. This trail is 650 kilometres long.

Another great day out is to drive to Rawson. Rawson is a small mountain town located 12 kilometres from Walhalla. The town is popular for mountain biking and fishing. There’s also a ski school on the mountain.

The National Park also has a two-kilometre walking track that starts at Walhalla. The track is undulating and is perfect for geology, botany, and other natural history studies.

If you’re looking for a more challenging hike, you’ll want to do the Great Walhalla Alpine Trail. This trail links the Baw Baw National Park plateau with a river valley at the other end. You’ll also pass through Mt St Gwinear, a saddle that offers excellent views of the northern Alps. It’s also possible to do cross-country skiing on the tracks. You’ll need to bring chains if you want to ski.

If you’re visiting the town, be sure to check out the Walhalla Gold Museum. It tells the story of the town’s gold mining days. It’s also a great place to purchase souvenirs and books.